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Jenny Blomquist, Studio Pinon, Ruth's Astrology at Art Box on Main & Highway 60

Jenny Blomquist is a painter based in Magdalena and works with acrylic and oil. Her work often features horses, nature, with a touch of abstract. She is available for commission work. Visit Visionscapes Studio here.

Studio Piñon is a mixed media studio that incorporates photo and digital art by Jessica Carranza. Jessica's background in journalism, athletics, and love for animals and nature are reflected in her work. She is available for portraits, events. Visit Studio Pinon here.

Ruth Blomquist Astrology will be hosting 30 minute readings at the Art Box, alongside Jenny Blomquist and Studio Pinon. If people decide they want a more in depth reading she is available for a follow up consultation.

"I love to look at the planets and stars at night. The phase of the moon is my best friend for planting my flowers. Astrology gives me a sense of joy, and has been a constant for years.   I am a third generation astrologer, and I really like helping people. I love how much the stars and planets can help in everyday life. I believe in the soul and finding a true sense of inner beauty, and peace within one’s astrology chart. I have always been the unusual person, the one who listens for the universe, and the planets. I love my animals and going for hikes up in the mountains. New Mexico has so many great places for a hike. 

I look forward to meeting with you to talk about your special astrology chart and how it works for you. What are the features in your chart that will help you in your life’s journey?" via Ruth's Astrology

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